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We will begins with a 1.5 hour intake session in which we speak at length about your reason for seeking support, your goals, expectations, and questions about therapy, your current situation, and your history. You might have a specific goal in mind or just know you want to feel better. We will start to build the sacred space of therapy by the end of the first session. 

The sacred space of therapy is the special client-therapist relationship that is formed when trust is built. It includes the client learning for herself that she does not have to hold back her thoughts like she may with the rest of the world. She sees that while the therapist cannot do the work for her, she will be there right alongside her on the ups and downs of the journey. She will come to know that the therapist will push her to move forward when necessary and intuitively sense when she just needs space held to cry, to be heard, and to be appreciated just as she is. Creating this space with the women I serve is my honor, privilege, and purpose of my work because it is in this space that healing and transformation take place. 

Sessions 2-4 will dive deeper into finding out which problems or symptoms are disrupting your life the most and are your priorities during our time together. These will always be chosen by you. When the goals have been decided on, we will craft your treatment plan. A treatment plan is simply a guide written by the therapist which keeps us focused on your goals and tracking your progress. It can be changed at any time if your needs change. 

Sessions 3 and after will include time for us to catch up on how you have been since our last session. We will also start exploring new methods to help with your treatment goals. Some of these will likely be pretty easy for your to pick up and offer at least a little bit of relief immediately. Other tools we practice together will be harder and take longer- this is especially the case when dealing with past trauma, old wounds, and thought patterns that you have had for many years. We will celebrate the victories and delve into why something worked or investigate what roadblocks popped up and how we can get around them when necessary. 

Investment: $90 for 1.5 hour Intake Session, $75 for each additional 50 min In-Office or Skype Session, $90 for each additional 50 min Session at Your Home (within 13 miles of my office location)

For those experiencing financial situations which prevent them from paying the full amount, I offer some sliding scale slots in my schedule for in-office and online appointments. I offer these through Open Path Psychotherapy Collective. Please feel free to contact me and I will guide you through the process of being an Open Path client. 

Individual Psychotherapy
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