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A Note to Postpartum Women

Over the last two years, much of my time and thoughts have gone into troubleshooting why so many women are not getting the care and support they deserve. Speaking with women I hope to serve inspired me to design my business in a more flexible and casual way which meets their unique needs. For instance, the following may be different from other therapy practices you are familiar with:

  • I am not located in a stuffy office where you feel you must dress appropriately and sit in a waiting room. Instead, I offer a home office where you can take comfort in knowing that no one will judge you for showing up in sweatpants. 

  • Speaking of comfort, you will be offered tea or water and have the choice of sitting in professional therapy office chairs OR in a cozy corner of the office with soft rugs, blankets, pillows, and aromatherapy. I support what helps you relax and feel safe as you speak your truth. 

  • Since many mothers have a hard time finding childcare and time to leave their baby in order to attend therapy, YOUR BABY IS ALWAYS WELCOME TO COME TO YOUR APPOINTMENT. 

  • For those that cannot travel to my office for any number of reasons, I CAN TRAVEL TO YOUR HOME OR MEET WITH YOU ONLINE. Your home environment will never be judged because I will be focused on you and your wellbeing. I'll even be happy to meet you on a park bench or take a stroll as you push your baby in a stroller. I want to know what is most therapeutic to you and meet you there whenever it is possible. 

  • Since children are expensive and therapy is too, I have built some bundles of services which offer discounts. 


​I am also always looking for suggestions about how I can better serve the women in my community, so please reach out if you think of something I have missed. 

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